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CherryGal Organic Heirloom Seeds


CherryGal Organic Heirloom Seeds founder, Deborah Phillips, has been committed to organic gardening all her life. She learned from her physician father, who was a devotee of Rachel Carson, that the chemicals we inflict on our environment can have enormous negative consequences. She also inherited a deep respect for heritage gardening from her Italian grandmother who fed her family of 7 during the Great Depression from her postage-stamp-sized garden. Deborah is an avid and devoted garden cook, so selections are made with that in mind. In launching CherryGal Organic Heirloom Seeds when she moved to North Carolina in 2005, Deborah hoped to provide options for home gardeners who wanted to grow their own organic gardens but were of limited resources — so, small packets for a small price! CherryGal Organic Heirloom Seeds offers many organic homegrown seeds and plants, as well as a wide range of other certified organic seeds. A signer of the Safe Seed Pledge, CherryGal Organic Heirloom Seeds does not knowingly buy or sell genetically modified or engineered seeds — NO FrankenSeeds! Also, no treated seeds, since recent studies have shown such treatments can migrate into pollen with deadly effect on pollinators, including honey bees. Dedicated to heirlooms, Deborah is also an artist who creates unique mosaics and jewelry fashioned from antique and vintage china in her Fit Of Pique line.

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Warrenton, North Carolina (USA)
Deborah Phillips

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