Valena Pink

Copyrighted © photo courtesy of the Victory Seed Company

This is a family heirloom that helped to start the Victory Seed Company. Seeds for this family heirloom were given to Mike and Denise Dunton’s Victory Seed Company by Denise Dunton’s maternal grandparents, Emil and Ann Valena of Bodega Bay, California. While visiting family in Cino, Italy in the late 1960s, the seeds were given to them, a very Italian tradition, and they brought the seeds home. Emil and Ann Valena continued growing ‘Valena’ for as long as they were able. When they handed the seeds down to Mike and Denise, Mike asked his Grandpa how long the family back in the old-country had been growing it. He smiled and simply said, “forever.” One of the awesome things about growing family heirlooms is to bite into them and actually connect with the past by tasting history. A darn good tomato. Indeterminate, potato leaf plants produce huge (up to two pounds), dark-pink, meaty, yet juicy fruits. An excellent slicing variety with a great flavor.

Fruit Colors
Fruit Shapes
Oblate / Round
Fruit Sizes
Fruit Weights
1-2 lb
Culinary Uses
Salad / Slicer
Late / Midseason
Plant Types