Sunkissed Peach

Sunkissed Peach is an up and coming selection out of a cross between a rugose dwarf plant with green and rustic-orange striped beefsteak fruits named Pit Viper and an indeterminate wispy chartreuse-leaved plant with pink striped oxheart fruits named Long Tall Sally, made by breeder Blane Horton.

The plants in this selection are rugose regular leaf indeterminate dwarfs with a sturdy stature reaching to a height of only three to five feet tall that produce copious amounts of beautiful heart-shaped fruit. “Sunkissed Peach” was the naming idea of grower Tricia Rosamilia for it’s peachy bicolor appearance when she discovered it in her F3 grow out of Blane’s Pit Viper x Long Tall Sally cross. With each subsequent generation, the name seemed more and more fitting as not only were the fruits a peachy color, but the flavors were balancing out into a brightly sweet and fruity delight.

Mr. Horton has been growing this selection two generations per year, back to back in his year-round greenhouse, hoping to have the stabilization process completed soon.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Bi-Color / Orange / Pink
Flesh Colors
Bi-Color / Orange / Pink
Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Culinary Uses
Salad / Slicer
Plant Types
Indeterminate / Rugose Dwarf
Regular / Rugose
Fruity / Sweet