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About Sugar Drop

Sugar Drop is the end result of the dehybridization of a yellow cherry tomato accomplished by tracking traits associated with genes from the presumed wild parent of that hybrid. Stabilized by J&L Gardens Seed. Introduced commercially by J&L Gardens Seed in 2013. Indeterminate, 8′ tall, vigorous, regular leaf plant produces a great production of 5/8″ long, dusky gold, very sweet, (May be the sweetest and finest yellow cherry on the market.) cherry tomatoes with a slight point at the tip. Even the foliage is sweetly scented, a trait passed down from its wild ancestors and related to the remarkable sucrose sugar accumulation in the fruit.

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Solanum lycopersicum
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  • Avatar
    ANN JORDAN Subscriber

    The sugardrop tomatoes I bought in supermarket are red. I've set seed to see if they grow true. Kent UK

    • Dorota Basiura
      Dorota Basiura Editor
      Website Content Director

      Hi Ann, yes, there is a red-fruited cherry tomato sold in supermarkets under the same name.

      • Avatar Subscriber

        Er det en F1 eller F2. Har sået 10 stk. Men hvis de ikke rigtig bliver til noget vil jeg ikke fylde mit drivhus helt op med dem. Har købt en bakke i Rema i vinters og satte dem for 2 md siden og er faktisk klar til udplantning i drivhuset.?

    • Avatar

      I’ve just had the same red ones from Morrisons in the UK. They are really sweet! Too late for me to plant this year but I’m going to save some seeds for next year instead/as well as my regular Sungolds.
      Please come back and let us know if they breed true.

      • Avatar Subscriber

        I bought some from Morrisons this weekend too – they're the sweetest and tastiest tomatoes I've eaten for a long time! I'm going to save a couple for seed and do the same as you.

  • Avatar Subscriber

    I have got 7 seeds from a quarter of a tomato and have sowed them in growmore multicompost. I've put them in a warm cupboard
    to germinate. does anyone know if there is any advantage in starting them off in a seed compost rather than a multicompost.

  • Avatar Subscriber

    Does anyone know if the sweetness of this tomato prevents heartburn?


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