Red Rock

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An old commercial heirloom processing variety. The first mention of Red Rock tomatoes was in this 1915 Isabell’s seed catalog: 1915 Isbell and Co. Seed Catalog description: “This is one of the finest large, red tomatoes ever introduced. It ranks among the later varieties, requiring about 110 days from seed-sowing to ripe fruit. It is very solid and smooth and of very fine red color. Superior in texture and flavor. It is a heavy producer and an excellent shipper. It is specially recommended to truckers and growers for canning factories. It has a very strong, vigorous vine, protecting the fruits from sunscald.” Determinate, regular leaf plant produces blemish-free. 2-4 oz., round and slightly oblate red fruits with smooth shoulders. No cracking. Not as much juice in this tomato so it makes a good slicer for sandwiches. Great canning tomato.

Fruit Colors
Fruit Sizes
Fruit Weights
2-4 oz
Culinary Uses
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Salad
Plant Types