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Piennolo Giallo del Vesuvio (GiaGiu)

About Piennolo Giallo del Vesuvio (GiaGiu)

‘Piennolo Giallo del Vesuvio’ is a very beautiful yellow mutation of the red-fruited Italian heirloom tomato ‘Piennolo del Vesuvio’*, found in a farmer’s garden in the Italian province of Naples. This variety was named ‘GiaGiu’ after the farmer’s granddaughter, Giulia. ‘Piennolo Giallo del Vesuvio’ is an indeterminate but compact tomato plant with potato leaf foliage. The fruits are small (1-2 oz./30-60g), bright yellow with the traditional ‘Piennolo’ tomato type shape – rounded pear with a pointy end. Dense and meaty flesh with sweet tomato taste and nice acidic notes. The thick skin makes the fruit (like other varieties of ‘Piennolo del Vesuvio’ tomatoes) perfectly suitable for long storage. the whole bunch is cut off from the plant when about 70% of the fruit ripens. Then they are tied in a dozen or even several dozen into large bunches and hung in slightly sheltered, but airy places, where they slowly mature. They can be stored this way for up to 7-8 months. Until spring they are eaten fresh and used in many dishes, sauces, seafood dishes, and pizza.
Plants are less resistant to humid weather conditions than varieties with red fruits.

* To learn more about Italian heirloom ‘Piennolo del Vesuvio’ visit

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner
Flavor Profile
Mild / Sweet
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Cherry / Small
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum

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