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New Yorker

About New Yorker

New Yorker was developed by Dr. Robinson of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station (Now called Cornell AgriTech),in Geneva, NY. as a variety for cooler climates. First offered for sale by the Joseph Harris Seed Rochester, NY. Bush Beefsteak type . Our Tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce vigorous, compact, determinate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield 4-6-ounce, round, meaty, scarlet-red tomatoes with very good, sweet/acid tomato flavors. A fine canning tomato or slicing up into salads. Tomato plant sets well in cooler growing conditions. Adapted well to the short-season areas of North-Eastern U.S.

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Slicer
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Medium / Small
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Open Pollinated

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    We grew new yorker tomatoes in Western NY and they were the best along with heinz 1350. Trying them here in North Carolina now.

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    Gail Forsyth

    I grew these for many years and they were quite profilific in my neck of the woods here in PA. Then the seed companies didn't have them anymore. Till today never thought to do an internet search for them!


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