Monterosa, F1 Hybrid

Nearly four years ago, as a result of the crossing of local Catalan varieties with Italian tomatoes, the Monterosa variety was born, developed by Semillas Fitó. It is a tomato designed to bring back the traditional flavour of the ‘home-grown’ summer tomatoes on the Mediterranean coast, but with a harvest schedule focused on the winter and spring. “Despite the fact that the Monterosa was conceived four years ago, it was commercially discarded given the failure to find an adequate production area, until I discovered it about three years ago and decided to throw all my efforts into it,” explains Francesc Llonch, of the commercial department of Gavà Grupin Barcelona, Spain.
“I could not believe that the seed of a tomato with these features could simply be kept in a file.” Currently distributed in Eastern Europe.
Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces large, pink, asymmetric ribbed tomatoes with a velvety skin and striking sepals that give it a lush and voluptuous appearance. It is known for its sweet flavors with a fruity finish. Good shelf life makes this a very capable market tomato.

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