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About Mikado

Old commercial tomato variety introduced by Peter Henderson in 1886. Probably the first known potato leaf variety offered in a seed catalog. It is possible that the Mikado tomato may be related to the Brandywine tomato known today. ‘Mikado’ means ‘Emperor’ in Japanese, and can be written as みかど、ミカド、帝、or 御門.
Henderson’s description from the 1890 Peter Henderson & Co Vegetable Seeds Catalog:
“THE MIKADO. The largest early variety in cultivation. We named and introduced the Mikado Tomato in 1886, and seldom has any novelty in so short a time created such a furor in gardening circles; certainly, no more distinct or valuable tomato has ever been introduced. One of the most remarkable features about this variety is the fact that, notwithstanding that it produces perhaps the largest fruit of any sort in cultivation, it is at the same time one of the very earliest to ripen; the cut we show is not more than one-half the average size. The Tomatoes are produced in immense clusters, are perfectly solid, generally smooth, but sometimes irregular. has all the solidity that characterizes the Trophy. The color is purplish red. It is not unusual for single fruits of this variety to weigh from 1 to 1 1/2 lbs each. The foliage shows the distinctiveness of the variety, for it is whole or entire, while in all other varieties the leaves are cut or serrated.”
Indeterminate, potato leaf produces on average 10 oz., pink fruits. Very good full tomato flavor.

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Slicer
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Large / Medium
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum
Heirloom / Open Pollinated

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    It's was also known as Turner's Hybrid


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