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Mikado Black

About Mikado Black

Mikado Black, AKA Mikado Chernyi. Russian commercial variety. The name means ‘Mikado Black’ in Russian. Indeterminate, potato leaf, compact plants produce 3-6 oz., purple-black, round, oblate fruits with green/brown shoulders. Very good flavor similar to many other black tomatoes.

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  • Avatar
    Mette Neland

    Just curious, some internet sources claim it was made by Henderson in 1886 and it is related to Brandywine tomatoes.
    There are devirging information about the growth pattern.
    Are there several tomatoes with this name.
    Last year I grew Mikado Black – a so called McMurray Selection – it was very nicely tasting. It was definitely not indeterminate.

    • Avatar
      Dorota Basiura Editor

      Hi Mette, yes – 'Mikado' tomato is also known as 'Turner’s Hybrid'. Released in 1886 by Peter Henderson. Some sources say, that the 'Brandywine' tomato was bred from 'Mikado'. There are several different strains of 'Mikado Chernyi' tomato, circulated among tomato collectors and yes, some strains differ in both fruit size and plant habit.


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