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Midnight Roma

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About Midnight Roma

‘Midnight Roma’ is an antioxidant-rich purple roma-type tomato developed in 2021 by Jim Mayers, an OSU College of Agricultural Sciences professor, at Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA, by crossing ‘Oregon Star’ with ‘Indigo Rose’*. It was selected as the best cultivar for flavor and disease resistance. First introduced commercially by ‘Row 7 Seed Co.’ in Tarrytown, New York, USA, in 2022.
Semi-determinate regular leaf plant produces elongated plum-shaped saladettes weighing 2-3oz./60-75g with a very dark, almost black appearance due to the extremely high level of anthocyanin. The color deepens with direct sunlight and antioxidant levels rise in direct proportion to sun exposure. The fruit offers dense, meaty flesh that has a sweet and tart flavor with a light citrus afternote, making this a well-suited choice for jams and preserves. Resistant to Verticillium Wilt. Mid-to-late season, 80-90 days to maturity.

*’Indigo Rose’ was also developed at Oregon State University by J. Mayers in 2011. It was the first antioxidant-rich purple tomato available on the market. Selected for its really dark Indigo-type processing tomato. One of the parents of the Indigo Rose that led to its purple, anthocyanin-rich skin was an experimental variety with wild tomato genes discovered by Carl Jones.

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner
Disease Resistance
Flavor Profile
Acidic / Sweet / Tart
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Elongated / Plum/Pear/Piriform
Fruit Size
Leaf Type
Late / Mid-season
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum
Open Pollinated

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