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Marizol Korney

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About Marizol Korney

In the late 1990s or early 2000s, Mark Korney got a potato leaf plant that produced dark fruits from a planting of Marizol Purple. His subsequent grow outs showed the same results, which may meant it was either a stray seed or a mutation and not a cross.
Introduced commercially by Tatiana’s TOMATObase Seeds in 2014. Indeterminate, potato leaf plants produce 2-5 oz., medium-sized, round and slightly oblate, dusky purple/black fruits, perfectly shaped and blemish-free, Flesh is rich burgundy color. Skin sometimes has a bit of mottling on the shoulders. Delicious rich flavor.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Purple / Red
Flesh Colors
Black / Purple
Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Medium / Saladette
Fruit Weights
2-5 oz
Culinary Uses
Plant Types

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