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Kumato ®, Hybrid

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About Kumato ®, Hybrid

‘Kumato’ is a trade name of a patented cultivar of a tomato developed in Spain and called ‘Olmeca’ (experimental number SX 387). ‘Kumato’ is a patented (United States Patent 7612261) hybrid. The patent holder is one of the biggest agribusiness company from Swiss – ‘Syngenta’. This tomato can be grown only by specially selected growers and the seeds cannot be purchased by the general public, they are sold only to licensed growers that go through a rigorous selection process.
‘Kumato’ is a tall, indeterminate plant with regular leaf foliage. Fruit are round and weight between 2.8 and 4.2 ounces (80 and 120 grams). Brown colored outside with smooth, dark green shoulders. The flesh is reddish brown or purple, firm, dense and very tasty.

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