KBX (Kellogg’s Breakfast Potato Leaf, Kellogg’s Breakfast Cross)

Copyrighted © photo courtesy of Tatiana's TOMATObase

KBX is a potato leaf version of ‘Kellogg’s Breakfast’ tomato, that appeared in a garden of Martha Hufford of SE Virginia. This is what Martha said about it in her letter to Linda Sapp at ‘Tomato Growers Supply’:
“In 2002, I ordered some Kellogg’s Breakfast seeds from a seed supplier in California. Upon growing them out I noticed there was a 50/50 split of regular leaf and potato leaf plants. Out of curiosity I grew out 6 of the PL plants along side the RL ones “just to see what would happen”. The PL plants out paced the RL ones as seedlings and as mature plants they were noticeably healthier with heavier and earlier fruit set. Speculation by the tomatophiles at GardenWeb was that the PL plants would produce a pink fruit as there were no known orange PL varieties at that time. In late July after 75-80 days the 16-20 ounce fruits ripened to a beautiful deep apricot-orange. Taste tests had friends licking the plates. I saved seeds from that plant and trialed 6 more plants in 2003- all had the same results. Since then I have been growing out plants from the 2003 seeds along with the current year’s seeds to assess stability. Seeds have also been distributed to several growers across the country and in Germany who are part of the Tomatoville family. While the odd RL seedling does pop up from time to time (less than 2-3%), the color and characteristics of the fruits has remained stable over the past 4 years.”
Late maturing, indeterminate, potato leaf plant produces medium yields of 8-16 oz., bright orange, medium-large beefsteaks with some ribbing. Delicious flavors.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Flesh Colors
Fruit Shapes
Oblate / Ribbed
Fruit Sizes
Fruit Weights
8-16 oz
Culinary Uses
Salad / Slicer
Plant Types
Fruity / Sweet