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Indigo Rose

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About Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose has created a wave of enthusiasm among commercial farmers and gardeners to feature this in their gardens because of its stunning ornamental quality. Developed by Jim Myers at Oregon State University. Indigo Rose stepped out as the first really dark purple tomato. According to Jim Meyers, Indigo Rose is the first tomato in the world that has anthocyanins in its fruit, a naturally occurring and powerful anti-oxidant found in blueberries.

Vigorous and hardy, compact, indeterminate plants yield abundant crops of 1-2 oz., round tomatoes with dark purple (“black”) skin that occurs on the portion of the fruit exposed to sunlight while the fruit in the shade turns a dark red when mature. When mature the inside flesh turns a dark red and provides loads of well-balanced, complex and full range of almost plummy flavors. Sweet but with a delicious tang. Must wait for these to ripen fully before eating if you eat them before ripe, when insides are green they are very acidic. Reported to be more nutritious. Proven a good market tomato for its stunning appearance and longer shelf life and flavor. Definitely a novelty tomato worth trying. Seeds available at

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Anthocyanin / Pink
Flesh Colors
Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Saladette / Small
Fruit Weights
1-2 oz
Culinary Uses
Plant Types

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