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Hungry Hill Pink

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About Hungry Hill Pink

A Kentucky heirloom. Seeds sent to Gary Ibsen in 2015 from Dennis Dailey, KY., who received the seeds from, “a man who received the seeds from his great grandparents, who grew them throughout his life, and had no heirs to pass the seeds to. He wanted to leave seeds for someone who would continue to grow them.” He reported that Hungry Hill Pink has been growing on Webb Ridge, near Olive Hill, KY, for more than 150 years. Dennis said he grew a plant in 2013 that reached 12′ in height and produced a tomato over 3 lbs. With the seeds Dennis attached the message, “Please spread these. They are amazing, delicious and beautiful.” He then requested that we share these seeds “with your best growers.” Indeterminate, regular leaf plant that produces good crops of large, 1-3 lbs., pink, oblate tomatoes with full, complex old-fashioned, tomatoey flavors.

Heirloom / Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
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Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Fruit Weights
1-3 lb
Culinary Uses
Plant Types
Acidic / Well-balanced

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