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Fleur de Reagir

About Fleur de Reagir

‘Fleur De Reagir’ is an accidental cross discovered in the greenhouses of the ReAgir Association of Lestrem, in the northern France. It was stabilized in 2005 and made it’s debut release at the Haverskerque tomato festival in 2009. Since then the large deep red/chocolate ribbed fruit born on regular leaved, robust indeterminate vines has traveled the world, becoming a favorite in many gardens for it’s rich flavor and hardy disease resistance.

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Slicer
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Brown / Red
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Open Pollinated

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    I am in Los Angeles CA where would I find plants or seeds for this one, also how well will it do in summer when it can get between 90 and 100 F during the day. Also how disease resistant is it. Thanks for help on these questions. Looks like a fun one to try and grow.

    • Avatar
      Dorota Basiura

      Hi Jim, seeds are available in US at
      If you will plant young plants early enough for them to set fruit on the first few trusses before the highest temperatures come, you should get good harvest.

  • Avatar
    James Bushdid



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