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Dwarf Mr. Snow

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About Dwarf Mr. Snow

Developed in the 2006-2011 by the members of the Dwarf Tomato Project from a cross between Golden Dwarf Champion with Green Giant made by Patrina Nuske Small in Australia. Tomato growers involved in its development are David Lockwood (Australia), Susan Anderson (Texas), Paul Fish and Bill Minkey (Wisconsin). This variety was selected and named by Craig LeHoullier after friend and local newspaper columnist, A. C. Snow, who is also a lover of great tomatoes. First introduced commercially by Victory Seed Company in 2011. Indeterminate, dwarf (tree-type) plants with rugose potato leaf, 5-12 oz., flattened beefsteaks with smooth shoulders, pale yellow color inside and out, very meaty flesh with small seed cavities and not many seeds. Very nice sweet flavor with a hint of citrus. The compact 4 foot plants are easy to grow in containers or can be grown in gardens – especially suitable for small backyard gardens with limited space. As with all of the new dwarfs, these plants, even though compact, will still need to be staked.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
White / Yellow
Flesh Colors
Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Fruit Weights
5-12 oz
Culinary Uses
Salad / Slicer
Plant Types
Indeterminate / Rugose Dwarf
Potato / Rugose
Fruity / Sweet

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