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Dwarf Champion Improved

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About Dwarf Champion Improved

Improved Dwarf Champion, which matures a few days later and, according to some reputable sources, has slightly sweeter flavor than Dwarf Champion.
Donated to USDA in 1966. Parent stock source USDA National Germplasm Resources Laboratory NSL number 43540. Determinate, early, dwarf bush, regular leaf plant with rugose foliage produces 2-6 oz., pink fruit, with some green gel around seeds, fruits look like miniature beefsteaks, good taste, slightly acidic and refreshing, sweeter flavor and later maturity to other Dwarf Champion tomatoes. First few fruits are almost seedless.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
Flesh Colors
Fruit Shapes
Fruit Sizes
Saladette / Small
Fruit Weights
2-6 oz
Culinary Uses
Plant Types
Determinate / Dwarf

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