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Dwarf Beauty King

About Dwarf Beauty King

‘Dwarf Beauty King’ is an indeterminate, vigorous dwarf (tree-type) plant with regular leaf rugose foliage. It typically produces 6-12 oz. (medium-large), round, oblate, red fruits with beautiful golden stripes and speckles. Very few seeds. Outstanding, rich, sweet flavors. Occasionally produces very large fruits.
Developed from 2011-2016 from a cross between Dwarf Wild Fred (an F4 selection) and Beauty King made by Vince Lavallo in 2011, which he named Beauty. It was selected and named collaboratively by Vince Lavalle, Craig, Bill Yoder, Kay Robbins, and Susan Oliverson.

Culinary Use
Salad / Slicer
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Oblate / Round
Fruit Size
Large / Medium
Leaf Type
Regular / Rugose
Plant Type
Open Pollinated

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    Where do I buy seeds

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      Dorota Basiura

      Hi Adriano, seeds are available at TomatoFest


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