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Datterini Yellow

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About Datterini Yellow

‘Datterini Yellow’ is one of the Italian-originated ‘Datterini’ tomato series. Those tomatoes are often used in Italy for preserving and canning. There are available red, yellow, brown, and green when ripe strains of Daterini tomatoes. The name ‘Datterini’ means ‘little dates’ in Italian. Sometimes they are also listed as ‘Datterino’, which is the singular form of the name. Small (0.7 oz./20g), elongated, pear-shaped fruits have a high acidity, which ripens into a flavorful sweetness with a higher sugar level than most other tomatoes. The small tomatoes can be sliced and used fresh in colorful summer salads, but they are also great for pizza topping, boiled into soups, or dried and stored in flavored oils. Indeterminate, regular leaf plants with very good yield. Midseason, 75 days from transplant.

Culinary Use
Flavor Profile
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Solanum lycopersicum
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  • Avatar
    Sharon J. Murray

    I have spent some time on your site. I found the information on the Datterini tomatoes useful however I did not find a recipie. Some of the recipies you have look great. When I have my own internet connection I will hopefully find you again. Perhaps you can send me a message so that I can file it for later…
    I am looking for a simple recipie for a small jar of Molisana Datterini Tomatoes that I bought last year. I tried to contact Molisana; I did not receive a message back from them. I am using a wireless connection with my computer at the library; I think there is some sort of limitation on the service. When I wrote to Molisana I asked for a simple recipie for this jar of tomatoes. These tomatoes look great. I am afraid to make one of my traditional sauces where normally I use tomato paste. I fear regular tomato paste may change or reduce the flavour of the Datterini Tomatoes. If you have any simple pasta recipies to forward along I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

    • Dorota
      Dorota Editor
      Tomato Database Director

      Hi Sharon, the original recipe is most likely a trade secret of this company. Unfortunately, we do not have this specific recipe. In the coming weeks/months, our recipe library will expand to include canning recipes in various versions. You are very welcome to visit the recipe section. Our suggestion is that instead of using store-bought tomato paste, you can use homemade tomato puree or passata – the taste will definitely be delicious! Enjoy!


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