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Cherokee Tiger Black

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About Cherokee Tiger Black

Cherokee Tiger Black is a variety developed from the original cross made by Bill Jeffers of Evansville, Indiana, USA between tiger striped dwarf tomato variety ‘Tigrette’ and ‘Cherokee Purple’. Selected and stabilized by Dean Slater of Michigan, USA. Determinant, regular leaf, dwarf type plants with a beautifull, chartreuse colored foliage. Small (about 40-80g), round purple black fruit with stripes. Very rich, excellent tomato flavor, meaty and dense flesh with a green gel. Good keeper, fruit can be stored for at least 4-6 weeks. Midseason, first ripe fruit we can harvest after about 75 days from transplant.

Open Pollinated
Fruit Colors
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Oblate / Round
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Determinate / Dwarf
Chartruese / Regular / Rugose

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