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Cherokee Purple Cherry

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About Cherokee Purple Cherry

‘Cherokee Purple Cherry’ was found by Clifton Hedrick of Sommerset, Kentucky, USA, in his garden. It is a very beautiful and super tasty sport of Cherokee Purple Tomato. Small, cherry-sized fruit, but in your mouth – a huge explosion of the best tomato taste, similar to the big-fruited Cherokee Purple tomato. Strong and very disease-resistant, indeterminate plants produce a very good yield of round, dark purple tomatoes, weighing about 0,7-1,4oz./20-40g. Highly recommended to everyone, who enjoys Cherokee Purple’s flavor. Midseason, about 75 days from transplant.

Culinary Use
Flavor Profile
Sweet / Well-balanced
Flesh Color
Black / Purple
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum
Open Pollinated

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  • Avatar
    Richard White

    Where can get seed?

    • Dorota Basiura
      Dorota Basiura Editor
      Website Content Director

      Hi Richard, seeds are available at

  • Avatar
    Mary Ellen Beich

    Where can I purchase plants?

    • Dorota Basiura
      Dorota Basiura Editor
      Website Content Director

      Hi Mary, this is a relatively new variety, that was introduced to the public only two years ago. Plants are unlikely to be available in nurseries yet. However, seeds are available for example at

  • Avatar

    Thanks for the rundown. I was given a handful of these fresh from a friends garden last year and I saved some seeds. I have some strong starts going in the greenhouse. But when I told someone what I had they looked at me like I was nuts, and said the purple Cherokee is only the beefsteak size. Now I know why they aren’t commonly known about. Also I’m from Kentucky, so that was a cool fact as well.


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