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Casey’s Pure Yellow

About Casey’s Pure Yellow

‘Casey’s Pure Yellow’ is a mutation of ‘Green Giant’ tomato, discovered by Jeff Casey, Alberta, Canada in 2007. This is what Jeff Casey writes about the history of this tomato:
‘In 2007, I grew out some Green Giant seeds sent to me from Annie Neoh of California, but instead of getting a green when ripe potato leaf plant, the tomatoes ripen to yellow. Since the plant was potato leaf, I guessed that the plant mutated. I sent the seeds to growers in Australia, and their plants were also yellow fruited potato leaf. I named it Casey’s Pure Yellow because it does not turn golden like many other yellow tomatoes. I believe there is only one other pure yellow, potato leaf beefsteak: ‘Lilian’s Yellow Heirloom’. Sweet and incredibly juicy fruits can weigh up to 2 lbs. (900 g).’
First offered in the Seed Savers 2009 Yearbook by Neil Gillard of Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada, who received the seed from Jeff Casey in 2008. Indeterminate, potato leaf, vigorous and prolific plants, that produce large, yellow beefsteaks with clear epidermis. Excellent tomato flavor. Midseason, about 80 days to maturity.

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