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Buckbee’s Abraham Lincoln

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About Buckbee’s Abraham Lincoln

Buckbee’s Abraham Lincoln AKA Abraham Lincoln AKA . A popular heirloom tomato introduced in Illinois in 1923 by the Buckbee Seed Co. Taken from a copy of Buckbee’s 1932 catalog, “This world-beating tomato was originated on Buckbee’s Rockford Farms and named in honor of Illinois’ greatest son-Abraham Lincoln. This ‘Giant of All Tomatoes’ was introduced by us in 1923 and is the largest tomato ever grown. We have had 9 tomatoes in a single cluster with a total weight of 7 pounds.” Buckbee’s ‘passed the torch’ to
Shumway (also from Rockford, IL) From Shumway’s 2003 catalog, ” Buckbee’s Abraham Lincoln. A Shumway exclusive since 1923. A remarkably smooth, mild-tasting tomato, each weighing up to a pound. Recently rebred to improve purity.” These organic tomato seeds produce brilliant red, round, medium-sized, 8-12 oz. tomatoes in clusters up to 9. A good disease resistant tomato. Delicious, rich, slightly acidic tomato flavors. The original Abe Lincoln tomato has beautiful dark-red fruits that are sweet, solid and meaty. Fruits are smooth and free from cracks. They ripen all the way through (no green shoulders) despite their larger size. Sturdy plants frequently have bronzy-green foliage.
The experience of Mike Dunton of Victory Seed Company’s experience with this Shumway variety is that it is a very sturdy plant that produces nice yields that average about 8 oz.

Heirloom / Open Pollinated
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Large / Medium
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8-12 oz
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