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Broad Ripple Yellow Currant

About Broad Ripple Yellow Currant

Tomato variety was apparently found growing from the crack in a sidewalk in Indianapolis, Indiana in the mid 1900’s by John Hartman. Not a true currant. Big, indeterminate, regular leaf, tomato plants that yield hundreds of very small, 1/2-inch small, almost translucent yellow cherry tomatoes borne in trusses of 6-8 tomatoes. These are very low-acid tomatoes that are deliciously sweet and perfect for popping in your mouth as you walk through the garden. A great container tomato for growing on your patio or rooftop garden. A good tomato variety for cooler growing regions that produces well until frost.

Culinary Use
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Cherry / Tiny / Currant / Spoon
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Heirloom / Open Pollinated

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  • Avatar
    Cissybowman3 Bowman

    Thank you, thank you!!! After almost 35 years, I lost my seed for these and it was given to me by John Hartman, himself! So happy you tell the story! He shared so many seeds in his life and many people just rename them and call them their own.
    Now I can grow them again and pass down to my grandkids. John is smiling right now and saying wonderful!

    • Andrea Clapp
      Andrea Clapp Editor Gardener
      Director of Research and Innovation

      Cissy Bowman, we are so glad to hear that you have enjoyed and celebrated this wonderful tomato! (I appreciate your personal story.) We would love to see the smiles on your grandchildren’s faces when they take their first bites! Enjoy and happy growing in 2021.- Andrea


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