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Brandywine, Black

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About Brandywine, Black

‘Black Brandywine’ is a variety, that was discovered by ‘Seeds by Design’ in California in a field of ‘Brandywine’ tomatoes and it is probably a natural cross between ‘Brandywine’ and an unknown black tomato. The plant is indeterminate and potato leaf*. It produces medium-sized, purple-black, smooth fruit. Sweet, rich and ‘earthy’ flavor. Late, about 90 days to maturity.
* This variety was listed in the SSE Yearbook as both – potato and regular leaf. It is likely, that there are different segregating lines of this tomato. The true one should be a potato leaf.
It is worth to add, that in 2008 ‘Baker Creek Catalog’ introduced another strain/variety named ‘True Black Brandywine’.

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Brown / Purple
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Smokey / Sweet / Well-balanced

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