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Brad’s Atomic Grape

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About Brad’s Atomic Grape

‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ grows elongated with large grape-sized clusters. The color and flavor are a full-blown assault on the senses—lavender and purple stripes, turning to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Fruits hold well on the vine or off, making this amazing variety a good candidate for market growers. Olive green interior is blushed with red when dead-ripe. Crack-resistant fruits are extraordinarily sweet! This release from Wild Boar Farms won best in a show at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo!

Culinary Use
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Anthocyanin / Striped
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Leaf Type
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum
Open Pollinated

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  • Avatar

    The first-year i tasted Brad's Atomic Grape, it was sweet and delicious. The second-year, it had no flavor at all. Anyone have any ideas on why? I've given up on it, but would give it another try if i thought my first experience would be duplicated.

    • Dorota Basiura
      Dorota Basiura Editor
      Tomato Database Director

      Hi Ella, did you notice any big differences in weather conditions between the first and the second year of growing this variety? Sometimes, when in summer there are long, heavy rains and it is cooler, the taste of the fruit is not as sweet and rich as in summer, when rainfall is weaker and temperatures are high.

  • Avatar
    Debra Haynes

    I need help with this particular tomato. I have sown several seeds indoors as I always do with tomatoes but not one seed has produced a seedling. Is there a trick to starting them?

    • Dorota
      Dorota Editor
      Tomato Database Director

      Hi Debra, no, they should germinate as all other varieties. When did you sow your seeds? How many days ago?

  • Avatar Subscriber

    I grew Brad's Atomic Grape tomato for the first time this year. They are suppose to be cracked resistant. Not mine. They tasted good regardless. I saved some seeds and I plan on growing them one more time I hope to have better luck with them the second time around. I wanted to share an image but unable to upload image.

  • Avatar Subscriber

    How do I get my plant to put off more starts?

  • Avatar Subscriber

    I'm growing some Brad's and the fruit are looking great. It is a bit difficult to tell when they're ripe though, mine are not really turning a colour and I'm hesitant to pick them, but they should be ripe by now.

  • Avatar Subscriber

    Very delicious tomato

  • Avatar Subscriber

    I put the 15Gal container in the max sun available but no taste. Not sweet


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