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Belaya Vishnya (Белая Вишня)

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About Belaya Vishnya (Белая Вишня)

‘Belaya Vishnya’ is a very beautiful white oxheart tomato that originated in Ukraine. It produces gorgeous, white heart-shaped fruits, sometimes with pink blush on the bottom end. Very good yield of medium to large (7-16oz./200-450g.), meaty and tasty tomatoes on indeterminate but compact, about 1.5 meters tall plants with regular and wispy leaf foliage. Midseason, 75-80 days from transplant.

*There is also Russian tomato under the same name, that produces white, round cherry-sized fruits.

Culinary Use
Paste / Sauce / Canner / Slicer
Flavor Profile
Flesh Color
Fruit Color
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Large / Medium
Leaf Type
Regular / Wispy
Plant Type
Solanum lycopersicum
Open Pollinated

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  • Avatar
    tess graves

    All of the tomato varieties are gorgeous, but it would be VERY helpful if you could publish places and or sources for seeds. Thank you very much !!!

    • Dorota Basiura
      Dorota Basiura Editor
      Website Content Director

      Hi Tess, thank you! We are working on it and this option will be available soon.

  • Avatar Subscriber Gardener-master

    This will be my third year growing this tomato. For a heart-shaped tomato, the foliage is pretty strong in comparison to most heart shaped tomatoes. I also grow Ukrainian Persimmon, which is similar, but is yellow, and not white. The flavor is good, there are few seeds, and it did not succumb to the fungus I got last year. Other plants will have little insect bites taken out of the leaves, but these will be fine. I live in Northeastern Oregon, grow in containers, and have unlimited water. I fertilize almost every week with fish emulsion-type fertilizer, MiracleGro for tomatoes, and other liquid fertilizer. It gets hot, but this was one white tomato that would set fruit when the temperatures soared, and the nights stayed near eighty.


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