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Banded Amazon

About Banded Amazon

‘Banded Amazon’ is a beautiful, dwarf-type variety developed by ‘J&L Gardens Seeds’. Determinate, regular leaf and compact plant, about 2 1/2 feet tall, produces heavy yield of 8-10 oz., beautiful mahogany-red fruits with dark green striping and delicious, rich flavors. Very meaty, dense flesh with very few seeds. Great for container growing.
Photo credit: Ольга Дегтярева (Olga Degtyareva)

Culinary Use
Flavor Profile
Acidic / Sweet / Well-balanced
Flesh Color
Black / Purple
Fruit Color
Brown / Green / Red / Striped
Fruit Shape
Fruit Size
Large / Medium
Leaf Type
Regular / Rugose
Plant Type
Determinate / Dwarf
Open Pollinated

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  • Avatar

    I want to try those

  • Avatar
    Lin Ungerer

    Where can I get seeds?

    • Avatar
      Dorota Basiura Editor

      Hi Lin, please try at
      or at

  • Avatar
    Don Leedham

    ,,, Will it work well at 6,000 feet ? , am in Colorado ,,,

    • Avatar
      Dorota Basiura Editor

      Hi Don, yes, they should grow well in your area. According to the breeder, first, ripe fruit can be harvested about 65 days after transplant. If you will start your seeds early and then plant young plants early (paying attention to weather), you should get a good harvest. A good way to speed up ripening is also to prune tomato plants, leaving only 2-3 main steams. Fruits will grow bigger and earlier.


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