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Salts of the World Part 8 of 8

Off to Portugal, two regional salts – Sal de Tavira and Flor de Sal de Tavira, are harvested in the Ria Formosa Natural Park as it is one of few places in the region that is uncontaminated by industrial and agricultural processes.

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Salts of the World Part 7 of 8

Moving on from sea salt references, we now take a look into Halite, better known as “rock salt”.

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Salts of the World Part 6 of 8

Our next stop is Sicily, Italy where Sale Marino di Trapani (Sea salt of Trapani) is harvested along with the coastal pans of Trapani, Paceco, and Marsala.

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Salts of the World Part 5 of 8

One of the rarest salts I have come across in my research is Asin Tibuok sa Albur, or “Unbroken Salt of Albuquerque” which is an artisanal sea salt produced by traditional methods in the small town of Albuquerque on the island of Bohol, Philippines.

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Salts of the World Part 4 of 8

Korean Bamboo Salt or “Jukyeom” is also a sun dried salt, but the authentic process that happens after harvest is what gives this salt it’s unique qualities.


Interview with Joe Cannistraci

of Enoteca La Storia

Creating a Tomato Community and Culture There’s no doubt about it, Joe Cannistraci is passionate about tomatoes.

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Salts of the World Part 3

Part 3 of 8

Hawaii also offers several different types of salt, and because Hawaii is an island of its own, the waters near Hawaii impart their own distinctive flavor to the salt which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Salts of the World Part 2

Part 2 of 8

Our first region of France brings us several different types of sea salt.

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Salts of the World Part 1

Part 1 of 8

Since we are the “World” Tomato Society, I would like to cover a topic that people all around the world can relate to that goes hand in hand with tomatoes – salt.

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Hyotei’s Tomato Soy Sauce

Tomatoes in in a quintessentially Japanese dish Hyotei, a three Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, has served some of the same dishes to travelers of the nearby Nanzen-ji temple for hundreds of years.

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The Little Red Fruit That Changed Indian Cooking

How the Subcontinent learned to stop fearing new produce and learned to love the tomato Food historians give chile peppers the most credit for spicing up India’s Post-Colombian cooking.

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Myth and Memories: Revitalizing the Jersey Tomato

Rediscovering and reinventing the beloved fruit tomato lovers are passionate about Vibrant and robust, New Jersey’s tomato culture is abundant with aficionados seeking to grow the juiciest, most flavorful varieties each summer season.


The History of the Beloved Bloody Mary

The Red Snapper (a.


The Story Behind McClure’s Fantastic Bloody Mary Mix

From hobby to 7,000 bottles per week What started as a hobby using Great-Grandmother Lala’s dill pickle recipe is now a thriving international business for brothers and cofounders Joe and Bob McClure.


Tomato – Is it a Fruit or a Vegetable?

The Landmark Case that Decided the Fate of Our Favorite Vegetable—or Is It a Fruit? John Nix was so committed to having the tomato classified as a fruit he filed a lawsuit.


The World’s Most Famous Spanish Chef

José Andrés dishes on tomatoes Spanish-born chef José Andrés has become somewhat of a national treasure on the gastronomic food scene.


Wolfgang Puck on Tomato-Filled Catering Menu

The iconic celebrity chef talks tomatoes Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck might have pizzeria restaurants around the globe from Singapore to Cincinnati, but he has become synonymous with the Academy Awards celebration, in no small part due to catering the Governors Ball after-party for almost a quarter of a century.


“Why Don’t Tomatoes Taste Like They Used To?”

Commercialization has robbed tomatoes of their taste.


Naples Pizza by Way of Maryland

Former Jean Georges New York chef Tony Conte has his eye on the pie Tony Conte—chef-owner of Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana in Darnestown, Maryland—has built a reputation for sourcing almost all of his ingredients locally.


ROE Caviar Pairs Beautifully

with Tomatoes

Celebrity Favorite and Sustainable Sturgeon Star Recipe Partners Sarah Meyer Michaelson and Daniel Landver have produced a hit new white sturgeon caviar that is sustainably farmed by aquaculture in California.


Everyday Meals Are an Everyday Feast for Victoria Armory

The condiment entrepreneur shares entertaining tips.


Sommelier Emily Johnston Pairs Tomatoes With Wine

The som at Les Marchands in Santa Barbara matches tomatoes with wines that make them shine.


Eat Your Drink with Modern Mixologist Matthew Biancaniello

His book, Eat Your Drink: Culinary Cocktails, explains why many call him a “liquid chef”.


Putting a Healthy Twist on Southern Classics

Tomatoes are a complete superfood.


A Compost Grows in Beverly Hills

On the Roof with Peninsula Chef David Codney Executive Chef David Codney is full of many surprises—one being his recipe for stewed tomatoes.

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Jacques Pépin on Making the Best Tomato Soup You’ve Ever Tasted

Ask Jacques Pépin what he enjoys most about food, and he’ll mention cooking with his family.

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