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Salad Recipe

Cucumber Salad with Tomatoes and Herbs

Spencer Huey

Serves 3-4 people


3-4 Persian cucumbers (or 1 large cucumber, I like th persian ones because they’re crunchy and not bitter)
1 pint tomatoes (preferably cherry)
olive oil
1 lemon
basil, a few springs
borage and coriander flowers (these are what I had growing in the garden but feel free to use other edible flowers or herbs like chives, parsley, basil, oregano)


Slice the cucumbers in small slices and cut the tomatoes in half. Place in a bowl and dress the vegetables with juice/zest of half a lemon, olive oil and salt. Toss and adjust to taste.
Plate the salad. Use a spoon to plate the salad on a plate. Tear the basil leaves and add them on top along with the borage and coriander flowers. Serve immediately.

If you have a garden, this is a great salad to make with whatever you have growing. Choose the edible flowers (nasturtium, chives, borage) and herbs (parsley, basil, etc) you have on hand. Borage is a bright blue flower that tastes like cucumber. Coriander flowers pack a punch with a strong cilantro and citrus-y taste.

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