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Blistered Tomatoes with Burrata, Basil, and Toasted Almonds

Spencer Huey

Serves 3-4


1/4 cup raw almonds
1 sprig rosemary
olive oil
1lb cherry tomatoes
red wine vinegar
8oz burrata (I love the di Stefano brand)
basil, a few springs
1 lemon


Heat up a cast iron pan (or other heavy pan) on high. Add the almonds, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Let them toast until they lightly brown. Add leaves from a sprig of rosemary for the last 30 seconds. Remove from the pan, let them cool and give them a rough chop.
Let the pan heat up again and add additional olive oil and the tomatoes. Give the pan a roll every couple minutes until the tomato skins start to blister. Season them with salt and a splash of red wine vinegar. You don’t want them to turn to sauce. Remove them to a plate when they are just starting to burst open.
Using a spoon, place blobs of burrata in and around the blistered tomatoes. Season the cheese with salt. Add ripped pieces of basil and the chopped almonds. Finish by zesting half a lemon with a microplane over the top of the salad.

I created this recipe in late November as a way to bring some life to early winter tomatoes in my garden. This recipe works great for tomatoes that aren’t in their prime. The toast of heat awakens their flavors for this very late season salad.

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