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Rent Mason Bees

Mason Bees are amazing pollinators

Rent Mason Bees is the only company in the country who has a mason bee program where you “host’ mason bees. Our program works by finding hosts who will hang up a mason bee block in their yards and gardens. Mason bees pollinate 95% of flowers they land on and can visit over 2,000 flowers a day, so gardens and trees in your neighborhood will flourish. At the end of the season, blocks need to be cleaned and mason bee cocoons need to be put in hibernation over the winter. Many people don’t know how to do this, so we make it easy. Hosts mail their nesting blocks full of eggs back to Rent Mason Bees and we harvest, clean the cocoons to rid them of mites and diseases and store them safely in hibernation over the winter. Then, the next spring healthy mason bee cocoons are sent to farmers all over the West Coast to pollinate crops such as apple, blueberry, pear, cherry and almond. The results are: your garden gets pollinated, healthy bees are put back into the ecosystem and farmers produce more food.

Rent Mason Bees aims to provides the services that delight and enable our customers to be successful. From easy to follow instructions, to complete, ready-to-hang kits, we’re here for you! Let us know how we can be of service.


Spring Blossoms

Our mason bees work during the spring to pollinate fruit trees and other plants the bloom in spring.

Summer Blossoms

Our leafcutter bees work during the summer to pollinate the plants that bloom in summer. Think vegetable gardens!

Complete, Ready-to-Hang kits

Our kits are made of real wood and designed for easy hanging.

Great for Any Yard or Garden

Our non-aggressive bees are safe around kids and pets.

Propagation of Native Bees

By caring and growing the population of native bees, we are supporting food production.

Mason Bees are amazing pollinators and kids love to watch these friendly non-stinging bees work. Teach your kids about the difference between Honey Bees & Mason Bees, Learn How Mason Bees Make Their Food and have your kids study bees and other pollinators in your yard.

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