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Dorota Basiura

Database Content Manager

Dorota and her family have been growing tomatoes for years, meticulously recording information about each variety in her home town of Kielce, voivodeship: Świętokrzyskie, Poland. In the beginning, Dorota’s growing hobby allowed her to taste tomatoes with great flavor, aroma, and appearance. Over time, she began to share seeds with other gardeners. Her online shop, Chili and Tomato Seeds, offers seeds for popular and beloved heirloom varieties, as well as colorful modern creations from breeders around the world. Dorota’s knack for recording plant habits, fruit appearance, taste, and origin makes her ideal as the World Tomato Society’s tomato variety database manager. She oversees data and images for more than 5,800 varieties of tomatoes, and her passion for documentation provides members with some of the most accurate information available in tomato varietal research.

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Dorota Basiura

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