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Andrea Clapp

Chief Operating Officer, Director of Research and Innovation

Andrea is an Iowa native whose love of growing plants started at an early age under the guidance of her Italian grandparents,thereby preserving their family’s heritage and traditions. Tomato growing has always been an essential part of that tradition and has evolved to become a life-long passion along with sustainable soil health and environmental advocacy.

Andrea has a background in education that drives her quest for continual learning and teaching. When not in her garden, she can be found at her desk deep into research, traveling to visit regenerative farms, attending conferences or meeting the creators of the latest innovation in organic farming.

Her inquisitive mind also led her into tomato breeding. Andrea’s breeding goals include varieties focused on old-fashioned flavor combined with weather and disease tolerance. Most recently, she has begun a micro tomato breeding project to meet the needs of tomato lovers living in small dwellings, nursing homes or apartments. She believes that everyone should be able to grow a tasty tomato!

When not in the garden Andrea pursues her culinary aspirations and has become an accomplished artisan bread baker. She creatively incorporates tomatoes into her bread making, wine making, confections and traditional Italian and fusion cuisine.


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