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Entomology Articles


Five Pollinators That Aren’t Honeybees

Tomatoes are self-fertile, which means they don’t necessarily need the help of pollinators—they can pollinate themselves.


Five Bugs You Want to See in Your Garden

Enemies of Tomato Foes

Braconid wasps often go unnoticed in tomato gardens until lots of small, white cocoons are spotted on pesky (and pest-y) resident hornworms.


Five of the Buggiest Foes of Tomatoes

Possibly the most notorious “tomato bug,” hornworms are despised by many gardeners.


Q&A with Dorota Basiura, Tomato Farmer

World Tomato Society: What is the reason you started growing tomatoes? How long have you been growing them? Dorota Basiura: In general, I started growing vegetables myself because I wanted to have healthy, organic produce for my son and my whole family.


Q&A with Andrea Clapp, Tomato Breeder

World Tomato Society: What is the reason you started growing tomatoes? How long have you been doing it? Andrea Clapp: I’ve loved tomatoes since as far back as my memory allows and have been growing them since then as well.


Q&A with Erfan Vafaie, Entomologist

Erfan Vafaie currently works for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service center based in Overton, Texas, helping growers adopt integrated pest management practices for insect pest management.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Whether you are producing tomatoes commercially or have a few pots in your backyard, your plants can and will fall victim to pests.


Pest and Disease Control Strategies

There are a number of potential diseases, insect and nematode pests that can cause significant damage to tomatoes (see list at end of article).

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