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Jumping Spiders


(Family: Salticidae)
Jumping Spiders can be distinguished from other spider families by their large eyes and quick jumping abilities.



These are the cutest spiders around. They can be distinguished from other spider families by their large eyes and quick jumping abilities. There are over 6,000 species of jumping spiders, making them the largest spider family. They have four pairs of eyes, but the two in front are usually much larger than the rest. They are one of the few spiders that have good eyesight, and many are known for their grand mating displays.


These expert hunters are a great addition to any garden. They are small, cute, and harmless—and they love to eat all your pesky pests!


These spiders can be active year-round but are more often seen during warmer months.


These are found worldwide on all continents except Antarctica. They are even found on top of Mount Everest.


Like other spiders, these need food and shelter. They may be attracted to your tomato plants by food to eat (pests) or shelter from the plants.


The most important thing you can do to keep these little eight-legged, puppy-like hunters around is to reduce your pesticide use. These toxins not only kill spiders but all other beneficials in your garden. Though these poisons may kill most of your pests, you will have a larger problem once they wear off, since the natural habitat has become unbalanced.

Lauren’s notes

I think most people who don’t like spiders can agree that these little ones are the cutest. It’s hard to hate something with such an adorable face!

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