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Bug Damage

Bug Damage

Holes in Fruit

Holes range from pinhole size to upwards of dime-sized.

Fruit Worms

Bug Damage

Chewed Leaves/Stems

Signs of chewed leaves starting at the outer rim of the leaf.


Bug Damage

Cut/Chewed Stems

Visibly cut stems, often at the base of the plant.


Bug Damage

Leaf Skeletonizing

Visible chewing of leaf membrane (either shallow or creating a window or entirely through creating holes), but not on leaf veins.

Bug Damage

Mined Leaves

Light colored squiggles on leaves.

Leaf Miners

Bug Damage

Distorted or Deformed Leaves, and Flowers

Shriveled and deformed leaves or flowers. Look for culprit to diagnose as many diseases have this affect as well.


Bug Damage

Sticky residue/Sooty Mold (Honeydew)

Sticky residue secreted by insects which can lead to mold growth, often brown or black in color. Identify large numbers of pests before ruling out other infections.


Bug Damage

Browning of Leaves, Tospovirus

Patches of browning leaves. Thrips are well known vectors of Tospovirus.


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