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ROE Caviar Pairs Beautifully

with Tomatoes

Celebrity Favorite and Sustainable Sturgeon Star Recipe

Partners Sarah Meyer Michaelson and Daniel Landver have produced a hit new white sturgeon caviar that is sustainably farmed by aquaculture in California. Fans of the ROE Caviar brand in food-fickle Hollywood include Courteney Cox, Kate Hudson, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer, Minka Kelly, Rachel Zoe, and Sarah Foster.

Unique food pairings with the caviar have included ROE-topped uni tostada tacos, hand-cut spaghetti chittara, and white chocolate mousse—each crafted to complement the delicate flavor of the American white sturgeon caviar. But, the most comforting, crowd-pleasing dish (that you can try at home) is the pureed tomato and red pepper soup (recipe below).

“A rich tomato soup offers a savory, umami flavor that deepens when you add ROE Caviar’s buttery white sturgeon caviar. The dollop of crème fraîche incorporates the two flavors ever so smoothly, and a swirl of ROE adds a little pop,” says Celeste Perez, director of marketing. If you’d like to try a little soup and salad combo, use the brand’s caviar-caprese for a luxurious yet low-key dinner party. Roma tomatoes should do the trick for the soup, but for the salad, you might want to use beefsteak or even heirloom depending on your palate and what’s in season.

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