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Introduction to Farming

Although about 50 percent of cultivated tomato acres are produced for fresh market and 50 percent for processing on a global basis, approximately only 10 percent of planted acres are harvested for fresh market in the US. Large producers in Florida and California account for about 75 percent of total US fresh market tomato production 1. Also within the US fresh market sector are home gardeners producing for their own consumption and small-/medium-sized commercial growers producing tomato fruit for sale.

Designed specifically for small-/medium-sized tomato market growers, this World Tomato Society (WTS) portal provides technical information that is useful for this grower segment. Although there is some original content, much of what is presented are links to university and other expert posts giving useful information on a particular topic.
To launch this project, the WTS has enlisted help from a group of tomato breeders that are developing products for these markets. We have also asked for feedback from seed companies that sell products to these commercial growers and from university experts.

The informational pieces on this site are organized into three basic categories:
1) Cultivation/Production Options
2) Seed Variety Options
3) Marketing Strategy
It is our intent to start with topics that we understand are currently relevant to small-/medium-sized market producers and add to the site [ae1] as we get feedback from these growers and other stakeholders.
We are also building a forum for this grower segment to ask questions and share information with each other.

Resources and Documents

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