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Breeding and Genetics

More Promiscuity in Domestic Tomatoes

I love promiscuous pollination in every crop that I grow.


Solanum Peruvianum Complex

Solanum peruvianum are a group of closely related species of wild tomato that are native to the western slope of the Andes in Peru and northern Chile.


Solanum Pennellii

Solanum pennellii is a dryland-adapted species of wild tomato that’s native to the western slope of the Andes in Peru.


Solanum Habrochaites by Joseph Lofthouse

Solanum habrochaites is a species of wild tomato that is native to the western slope of the Andes from central Ecuador to central Peru.


Digger Bees

Presenting digger bees pollinating the wild tomato species Solanum peruvianum.

Breeding and Genetics

Tasting Party

Chefs and plant breeders met recently to taste tomatoes from The Beautifully Promiscuous & Tasty Tomato Project.

Breeding and Genetics

Towards Promiscuous Wild Tomatoes

I am Joseph Lofthouse, a subsistence farmer from a cold mountain valley in the Rockies.

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