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Amendments and Fertilizers

How Milk Improves Soil Health

Fish and Sea Minerals

Sea minerals might be the best way to improve poor or depleted soils.

Breeding and Genetics

Why You Should Cull Most of Your Seedlings

My name is Lukas Wallmann of Uttendorf, Austria where I live in a tough 900 meter-high climate that is cold, windy, and wet.


Building Healthy Soil

Soil FAQ's

Liquid soil conditioners typically contain a blend of humic acid and catalytic enzymes, which are produced in a controlled environment by the same sort of microorganisms that are at work in your compost pile.


Building Healthy Soil

Soil Testing

A professional soil test will provide you with a wealth of information about your soil, including the pH and amount of different nutrients.

Amendments and Fertilizers

Fertilizing Vegetables

Vegetable Families

Tomatoes are heavy feeders.

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