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Top 30 Plants That Attract Pollinators

To produce seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, many plants need to be pollinated.


Tomato – Is it a Fruit or a Vegetable?

The Landmark Case that Decided the Fate of Our Favorite Vegetable—or Is It a Fruit? John Nix was so committed to having the tomato classified as a fruit he filed a lawsuit.

Amendments and Fertilizers

What Kind of Composter Are You?

Types of Composting


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The Little Red Fruit That Changed Indian Cooking

How the Subcontinent learned to stop fearing new produce and learned to love the tomato Food historians give chile peppers the most credit for spicing up India’s Post-Colombian cooking.

Amendments and Fertilizers

Fertilizing Vegetables


Nitrogen is needed by plants in large quantities.


In the Beginning Part 8 of 8

Choosing Plant Supports

When it comes to supporting tomato plants, there are many choices, but most require a decision at planting time.

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