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Breeding and Genetics

Breeding Practices Part 6

F1 Grow-Out

The F1 (first filial generation) grow-out is the very first chance you’ll have to see if the cross was successful.


Building Healthy Soil

Soil pH

The pH level of your soil indicates its relative acidity or alkalinity.


My Management for Growing Tomatoes in the South

Hello my name is Bill Yoder and I am a tomato grower located in the southeastern U.


The World’s Most Famous Spanish Chef

José Andrés dishes on tomatoes Spanish-born chef José Andrés has become somewhat of a national treasure on the gastronomic food scene.

Breeding and Genetics

Influences in Breeding

My love of heirloom tomatoes began 60 years ago in my Grandfather’s garden.


Solanum Habrochaites by Joseph Lofthouse

Solanum habrochaites is a species of wild tomato that is native to the western slope of the Andes from central Ecuador to central Peru.

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