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Salts of the World Part 7 of 8

Moving on from sea salt references, we now take a look into Halite, better known as “rock salt”.


Top 30 Plants That Attract Pollinators

To produce seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, many plants need to be pollinated.

Amendments and Fertilizers

Fertilizing Vegetables

Vegetable Families

Tomatoes are heavy feeders.

Breeding and Genetics

Breeding Practices Part 2

Maternal Blossoms

Early in the spring, when tomato plants are starting to load up with blossoms, this is the best time to find viable mother blossoms; pollination has a higher success rate in cooler temperatures.

Breeding and Genetics

Towards Promiscuous Wild Tomatoes

I am Joseph Lofthouse, a subsistence farmer from a cold mountain valley in the Rockies.


Five Pollinators That Aren’t Honeybees

Tomatoes are self-fertile, which means they don’t necessarily need the help of pollinators—they can pollinate themselves.

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