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Breeding and Genetics

Microberry Tomato Breeding Project

Microberry was bred in Austria in 2008 by the breeder, Lukas Wallmann.


Buying Garden Seeds

The Basics

Before getting overwhelmed by a luscious, brightly colored seed catalog, flipping through page after page full of hybrids and exotics, stand your ground and figure out just what you need before being lured into a disaster of wants.

Amendments and Fertilizers

Fertilizing Vegetables


Ways to apply fertilizer.


In the Beginning Part 8 of 8

Choosing Plant Supports

When it comes to supporting tomato plants, there are many choices, but most require a decision at planting time.

Amendments and Fertilizers

What Kind of Composter Are You?


If you want to move beyond hot composting or constrain your compost pile to a smaller space, you can get a little bit of help from a surprising source: worms.


Sommelier Emily Johnston Pairs Tomatoes With Wine

The som at Les Marchands in Santa Barbara matches tomatoes with wines that make them shine.

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