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World Tomato Society

Solving the Tomato
Flavor Epidemic

World Tomato Society celebrates the gardeners, farmers, and scientists who believe in tomatoes with robust flavor. With one of the world’s largest, searchable tomato databases, a passionate community, and exciting content, we’re fighting for tomatoes the way they used to be.

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Our members are passionate advocates of tomatoes, willing to share their experiences—whether in farming, breeding new varieties, cooking, enjoying events, or simply eating. We publish and curate research studies. We provide a hub for sharing resources on current topics and trends. We foster connection with people and organizations that share our vision. Our members are helping each other ensure that a rich heritage of food biodiversity, including tomatoes, will flourish and enrich cuisines for generations to come.

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Contributors and Partners

Contributing Writers Contributing Photographers
Andrea Clapp
Annabell Smith
Bill Yoder
Brad Gates
Carole Dixon
Clifton Hedrick
Cynthia Sandberg
Danny Jensen
David Dumont
Dorota Basiura
Gary Cass
Gary Ibsen
Jurate Straceviciene
Jodi Helmer
Joseph Lofthouse
Kathleen Guthrie Woods
Laura Wagner
Lauren Davidson
Linda Burum
Lindsey Pepper
Lukas Wallmann
Mark McCaslin
Marla Cimini
Martha Foose
Renee Brincks
Rob Gee
Rochelle Bilow
Spencer Huey
Stacie Stukin
Wendy Helfenbaum
Zachary Geske
Andrea Clapp
Anne Vanderroost
Beata Janicka
Blane Horton
Brad Gates
Bruce Bolin
Cynthia Sandberg
Dagma Lacey
Dorota Basiura
Gary Ibsen
Liudmila Di
Mike Dunton
Nick Dean
Olga Degtyareva
Spencer Huey
Teresa Kochan
Teresa Kropielnicka
Vida Timinskiene
Contributing Filmmakers
Jeff Tanner
Karla Thompson
Steve Utaski
Energy Energy Design

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